About Us

I’m Lynn, and I’m a mum living in Glasgow with my husband and our two riotous children: the spirited, eternally climbing, school-age little lady and the tireless, fearless, toddler-aged little man. Not forgetting our wonderfully patient labrador.

I like to get out and about (in fact I find it hard to stay home – always have itchy feet!) and when the little lady was born I was out constantly, trying out anything baby related we could find and meeting lots of other fantastic mummies and babies in the process. That’s how it all started.

I found classes, cafes & restaurants that were baby friendly; I found places to go, things to do and decided to document all the stuff I could find on a wee facebook page (now quite a big facebook page). My┬áhope was that it would help other new parents find things to do with their little ones, to meet other new parents, because honestly, that’s what kept me sane in the first few months!

Now that the kids are a bit older we do a lot of exploring, especially on weekends, and we like to get out and see this beautiful country we live in. Lots of the places we visit these days aren’t in Glasgow, so I’m branching out and decided to build a new place where I can share all the amazing things that Scotland has to offer families.

Scotland is full of wonderful beaches, beautiful forests and open spaces, quirky little towns and villages, and is such a wonderful place to explore with kids. There are castles and historic places everywhere, and the opportunities for families to entertain themselves are endless!

I am always looking out for a new castle or forest or park that we haven’t visited, and I would jump in the car and head to the beach every day if I could. I hope that this blog helps you find some ideas of things to do with your family.

We’re always looking for ideas & new things to do/places to try out. Please feel free to contact me if we should come try out something you’re doing!