Ben A’an Hill Walk

The Ben A’an hill walk isn’t an easy stroll, but the views from the top are exceptional and it is a beautiful walk to get there. Take your time and let the kids enjoy it as you go. The juice is most definitely worth the squeeze on this wee gem of a hill.

The Whangie Hill Walk

The Whangie is one of the most kid friendly walks we’ve done in Scotland. The dramatic rock formation is stunning to see and is like a natural playground for kids who like to explore. It’s easy enough for young kids to walk by themselves. A great few hours out!

Conic Hill

Conic Hill has truly beautiful views overlooking Loch Lomond. It is tricky for little legs towards the top with the loose stones, but it’s a great few hours out and the views make it well worth the trip.

The Wallace Monument

We love visiting the Wallace Monument. The kids had a great time climbing the monument and playing on each floor. It’s surprisingly child friendly, and that view from the top is totally worth the climb. The walk up the hill is lovely too.

Blair Drummond Safari Park

There is so much to see and do at Blair Drummond. Top things not to miss are the safari drive to see all the animals, the lemur walk through and the astroglide. It is a full on day out, but I can honestly say it’s one of our favourite places to visit, even though we’re always knackered after it.